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Online Nutrition Education Services

Online Nutrition Education Services

I provide expert, professional, individualized online education programs that empower each client.

I eagerly serve clients of all ages and all situations. 

I design individualized online lessons for each client. 

I design and provide innovative, creative, enjoyable, exciting, fun-filled, educational experiences that empower you with the specific skills that you need enhance your life, your health, and your daily living.

Highly qualified and eager to help

Highly qualified and eager to help


I have a degree in nutrition and food science, registered dietitian, RD# 15560.

I later studied to receive a masters degree in education.  

I focus on wellness, life, and living. 

I especially value fresh air, clean water, and restful sleep.

I want to help you be the best you can be.


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Food Therapy and Lifestyle Enhancement

Food Therapy and Lifestyle Enhancement

Enhance Your Lifestyle:

  • Feel jubilant
  • Food safety
  • Culinary arts training
  • International recipes
  • Rejuvenation
  • Healing
  • Wellness training
  • Personal achievement

Let’s Live!  Enhance your life. 

Begin working with Tamar Osher today.

    When should I begin a healthy lifestyle?
    Begin making tremendous changes to your life today, immediately.  Don’t wait until after getting sick, to be ready for serious lifestyle changes.  Life is very short, and you have only one body to live in.  It is your life, and your choice.  Don’t let someone else decide for you.

The Mind - Body Connection

The Mind - Body Connection

Use the healing power of food to get well and stay well.

Food therapy is a safe, powerful, proven, traditional method for healing and maintaining health.

Good health is essential for living and learning.  Improve your health:

  • Fresh air
  • Sunshine
  • Clean water
  • Restful sleep
  • Avoiding annoying people
  • Avoiding stressful situations

What we eat and drink affects our ability to think, learn, and problem solve.  

A consistently healthy diet helps anyone get onto a higher level of living and learning.

  • Do you struggle in the kitchen?
  • Are you tired of cooking?
  • Have you gained extra weight?
  • Do you not yet have a daily personal exercise routine?
  • Are you having trouble learning?
  • Do you want to achieve more?

  • Are you dreaming of rejuvenation and wellness?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, I can help you!

Our beautiful relationship

Our beautiful relationship


     What does each client receive from Expert Nutritionist Tamar Osher?


     Cooperation and respect


Each person is unique.  I listen to you and empower you.  I help you achieve comfortable, sustainable adjustments to your attitude and lifestyle.  My client is an expert in her or his own wants and needs.  Our teamwork relationship achieves my client's goals.  I build my client’s self-awareness, self-esteem, self-reflection, and self-motivation, so that my client is self-driven to achieve.

Tamar Osher is a health coach who provides trusting, respectful conversations and relationships.  As an expert educator, I design your experience so that your lifestyle & attitude changes are easy and enjoyable.  I help each client obtain happiness and overcome obstacles.

Tamar values relationships.  With compassion, I will empower you, and effectively guide you towards success.  I help you feel understood and empowered.  I am committed to helping you develop a vision for your future.  I will help you design a sustainable, personal path towards wellness and well-being.  I am eager to work with you, to design and create your achievement and your success.

Save your time and your money.

Save your time and your money.

Achieve quick & easy success, with Tamar Osher.

I provide prepaid nutrition education services for all ages and all situations.

As a highly qualified nutrition educator, I provide innovative teaching and enrichment.


Tamar Osher knows how to guide you towards wellness and well-being.  Tamar Osher is an expert, experienced food therapist who specializes in difficult situations.  I carefully analyze your situation, design a special program to meet your unique needs, and provide education on an on-going basis, and then watch you blossom.

Start having fun,

and save your money and your time,

when working with Tamar Osher.

Contact Tamar Osher today.

All services are prepaid.

  • Private Consultation, $500 USD
  • Winner’s Circle, $10,000 USD

Discover your best.

Discover your best.

Become a client of Tamar Osher.

All services are prepaid.  
Enrollment is open to prepaying clients.


Receive respect and cooperation from Tamar Osher.